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Licensed Through HNLC International Ministries
Paul and Barnabas were careful to appoint elders for leadership in each new church (Acts 14:23). For that appointment, Luke used a verb (cheirotoneō), which means “to choose, to appoint or elect by raising hands.” Thus, the congregations may well have had a part in the selection, as in the choice of the “seven” in the Jerusalem church (Acts 6:1–6). These appointments were made in a context of prayer, fasting, and apparently with some kind of public “ordination” service.

The Kingdom of God is much deeper than that. I believe it’s a progressive rule and reign of God, that begins in the hearts of those who know Jesus as King (Col. 1:27). And in God’s timing, it will be physically established here on earth, when Jesus returns to rule his Kingdom (Rev. 11:15)
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